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Anxious You’re Not Rich Enough?

If you’re anxious about your income or wealth, you’re not alone.

No matter how much we earn or are worth, it never seems to be enough. 

A common angst amongst young executives earning between two and five million dollars a year was that they were not earning enough to keep up with their even wealthier friends. 

Financial decisions made from a state of such anxiety can easily be the wrong ones, leaving us even worse off both financially and emotionally. 

If you can relate to this, this month we have included two articles on emotive factors in financial decisions. 

Did you know that we actually export more to China than we buy from them? China presents a massive potential market for our goods and services. Ever thought about exporting?

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Brian Katzen

The psychology of money

Money can make us anxious no matter how much we manage to save. Investors who succeed in building large portfolios and those with much more modest portfolios often share the same worry of whether they are saving enough – despite the difference in their wealth.


3 ways to plan for the (very) long term

Watch this TED Talk to learn how we can learn to think about and plan for a better future in the long term.


How to start exporting

Selling into export markets is more complicated than dealing with domestic customers. It requires an understanding of the various logistical issues involved, a new skill set and a medium to long-term commitment to make the effort worthwhile. 


6 ways to eat healthily when you work from home

Cereal, anyone? Nutritionist Susie Burrell shares her secrets for eating right at lunchtime when you work from home, including her 6 tips for making this process easier.


Do you use your trading stock for personal use?

If you take an item of your trading stock for private use, remember to include the value of the stock in your assessable income.